Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Marina started oil painting at the age of six and was awarded a gold and two silver medals, three consecutive years, at the Shankar's International Children's Competition held in India. That set the tone for the rest of her life.

At age eleven, Marina joined a local still life master painter's atelier. After moving to New York at the age of fourteen, Marina attended the Fashion Institute for Technology for photography and graphic design and received a scholarship for communications from School of Visual Arts embarking in a 25-year-journey as a designer, illustrator, writer and creative director for design studios and advertising agencies in New York City, Vienna and South Florida.

In 2008, while taking flying lessons for her private pilot license, Marina meets Florentine pilot/designer Lorenzo Di Alessandro and five years later the couple starts GOOD PUPPY - Books For Growing Good Kids, publishing children's picture books, mobile games and the GOOD PUPPY Children Behavioral System, a set of emotional and behavioral empathetic communication tools for parents, teachers and therapists, designed in collaboration with her brother, family therapist Gabriel Tito.

Marina continued to paint throughout the years, always incorporating new mediums and ultimately, pulling her love of light and print into the creative arena with her most recent explorations, Geometric Resonance.


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